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Blank T-Shirts

Blank T-Shirts

Surprisingly, T-shirt promotes your business better!

The word T-Shirt comes from the shape of a particular style of the shirts that resemble letter T. It is a common belief that T-Shirts were first made popular by U.S Navy during or around American-Spanish war in 1898. As per Wikipedia, these were white cotton crew neck blank T-shirts, meant to be used as an under garment. Soon sailors and marines started taking off their uniform “jackets” and attended evening get together and other social gatherings in these T-Shirts, probably to show off their sculpted bodies.

By 1930s, T-Shirts were used everywhere, as these were light weight, cotton, easy to wash and most affordable clothing option available at the time. To this day, T-shirts are the most affordable piece of clothing. You can get a nice, branded, decent weight T-Shirt under $2.00 form whole sellers like These days, blank T-shirts are everywhere and are considered the most effective way to convey your message to others, promote your logo, show your support for a cause, or simply use them as disposable piece of garment. At, a basic white T-Shirt costs less than the price of dry-cleaning a shirt! Get custom printed T-shirts and you can show off your witty side too.

T-shirts are preferred choice for mothers of young kids, as these are easy to wash, clean and store; not to mention, most affordable piece of clothing in your wardrobe. There are manufacturers like Gildan, offering all types of options from crew neck to V-neck, from 100% cotton to 100% polyester and everything in between, with mind blowing number of colors to choose from! See this 100% cotton, 6.1 oz T-shirt Gildan Tshirt and pick your color. I am sure you will find any color that you can think of in just this one style. Manufacturers have become very very high tech and competitive. Can you imagine that laser beams and water jet sprays are used to cut these modern T-Shirts.

Each one of us feels leisure at its best when we get to roam around in our casual T-shirts and a pair of jeans. No doubt, wearing a T-shirt outlines our belief that clothes are meant for comfort and not anything else. In this hot summer, having an option to wear light light weight, high quality white T-shirt is awesome. Get your cheap T-shirts in Atlanta from And when it starts getting chilly again, you can order your hooded sweatshirts from the same place. 

4th May 2014 Muhammad Saud

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